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Swiss K31 Shooter Makes World Record 2,240-Yard Shot [VIDEO]

Swiss K31

The straight-pull bolt action Swiss K31 rifle is capable of incredible feats of accuracy.

Most firearm and shooting enthusiasts are aware of the Swiss K31 rifle. It is a favorite rifle of military surplus shooters thanks to its quality construction, smooth action, and dependable accuracy. While most shooters will never take a shot at any target at 2,240 yards, the Swiss K31 is capable of reaching out that far with absolutely no modifications.

Swiss K31 shooter Ernie Jimenez recently set the Guinness World Record for longest open-sight shot at the North Springs Shooting Range in Price, Utah. His record setting shot took place on May 25, 2015.

Wet soil conditions made the record shot difficult to zero in because Jimenez and his spotters had a challenging time spotting his shots. However, with some perseverance, Jimenez and his Swiss K31 finally came through. Did I mention that he only paid $99 for the Swiss K31 rifle used in the video?

The video below will start right before his record setting shot, but the entire video is definitely worth watching for anyone who is interested in long distance shooting, military surplus rifles, and just shooting in general.

If you weren't already a fan of the Swiss K31, you probably are after watching this video.

They are still generally easy to find at gun shows and various online vendors, but don't expect to pay only $99 like Ernie did for his rifle. Prices have gone up in recent years, but the Swiss K31 is worthy of being a part of any shooter's collection.

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Swiss K31 Shooter Makes World Record 2,240-Yard Shot [VIDEO]