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How to Swirl Paint Your Favorite Rifle (or Anything Else!)

swirl paint your rifle

Want to turn heads at the range?

Let’s face the facts, we all at some point or another have thought about building, or have built, a ridiculously good-looking weapon with a badass paint job. Unfortunately, high-end paint jobs aren’t cheap and can take a couple months to complete if you send the gun out.

Check out this awesome swirl paint job that can be done within minutes on your favorite weapon.

Seriously, how awesome is that rifle?!

The really great thing about this particular project isn’t even the fact that you can do it at home, but the fact that you’ll save hundreds of dollars as compared to sending it out.

If you want to try this project, one absolutely crucial step is to make sure your rifle is completely clean and is degreased. Oils and other solvents will prevent the paint from adhering correctly, and the end result will not be nearly as clean looking. Another helpful tip is to pick up a bin that is much larger than the gun that you’ll be dipping. Since the gun will need to get dropped into the water at an angle, be sure to leave yourself plenty of extra room to be able to dip the whole gun in one dipping.

Nice work guys!


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How to Swirl Paint Your Favorite Rifle (or Anything Else!)