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Swinging Steelhead Flies to Hook into These Great Gamefish

Learn the basics of swinging steelhead flies to start working those rivers in your area.

Once you have the basic gear sorted, your next step is to learn how to fish the rivers. One of the most basic techniques is by swinging steelhead flies to work the water.

In this segment Reds Fly demonstrates working a river and how to hook into these hard-fighting fish.

Swinging a fly allows you to work very large cross sections of a river and puts that fly into eddies and pocket water where the steelhead are holding up.

Steelhead are often not actively feeding once they work into the rivers so you really have to get that fly right in front of them to trigger a strike reaction. And once you have that hit give it a pause for the fish to turn and really set that hook before your pull back hard on the rod. To early and the fly will pop out; trust me it has happened numerous times when I fish lake Ontario tributaries and didn't give time for a good hook set.

Steelhead fishing can be some of the most exciting river angling you can do, just ensure you have the right rod, strong line and at minimum a 10 pound leader and tippet to fight these silver bullets in; oh and don't forget patience, these are often called the "fish of a 1000 casts."

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Swinging Steelhead Flies to Hook into These Great Gamefish