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Swimming with the Spawning Sturgeon of St. Clair River

Take a dive underwater and watch in amazement as these prehistoric sturgeon stage on their spawning grounds.

Lake sturgeon, as close to a prehistoric fish that swims, are easily identified by their skin-bearing rows of bony plates on both sides and back, as well as their spade-like snout and streamlined shape. They can reach a length of 7.25 feet and weigh over 240 pounds. And when it comes to age, they're definitely the old-timers - with some pushing 55 years.

According to this upload on YouTube, this dive took place in early June and was filmed with a GoPro Hero with pink filter. Visibility in the slightly stained water was approximately 15 feet and most fish captured on camera were between 4 and 5 feet long.

It truly is amazing to see so many sturgeon grouped together and one can only imagine how many are actually working that prime bottom structure.

The lake sturgeon does not reach sexual maturity until their first decade of life and their status is currently classed as vulnerable.

It must have been a thrill for this diver to get so close to this many fish and even reach out and touch one. Definitely better than any fishing show I have seen!


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Swimming with the Spawning Sturgeon of St. Clair River