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Canadian Elk Herd Goes for a Swim [VIDEO]

Watch a herd of elk casually float down the Bow River in Canada.

Elk are strong and natural swimmers. If a river, lake or stream is in their way, they'll swim right across it.

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In this clip, a small elk herd floats en masse down the center of the Bow River near Canmore in Alberta.

Emily Compton posted the video to her Facebook page yesterday. A few commenters have chimed in with more details about the swimming elk.

"They like to cross all over the Bow river," one commenter said. "There are a few different herds. Normally this one stays out by the Canmore golf course, but at this time of year they move around a lot.

Another commenter said the elk herd floats the river to get to a nearby island.

Whatever their reason for floating the river, they look like they've done it a time or two before.

Have you ever seen swimming elk? Share your story in the comments section. 

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Canadian Elk Herd Goes for a Swim [VIDEO]