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These Swimbait Basics Will Help You Get That Lunker's Attention

Here's a quick little guide for you to get started with swimbaits.

Do you feel intimidated when you start to hear people talk about the multitude of different baits? Do you stand in front of the bait racks at the store with no idea which to choose?

Whether you call them swimbaits, paddle-tails or any number of other names there are a few things to keep in mind when leaping into using them. Tim at Tactical Bassin gives you the lowdown on three of his favorites.

There are as many ways to rig and toss a swimbait as there are types of baits. Here are a couple things to remember about using them.

You want to be sure they have good action that actually seems like a bait fish. You can also force them to appear injured or cause more stir in the water based on how you hook them and type of hook you use.

Many anglers will use a jighead with them, and I personally do too. However, be careful not to use a jighead that is too heavy. I wouldn't use anything heavier than a 3/8 ounce and that's only if I am fishing deeper, but this depends on the depth you need to reach.  I enjoy using a swimbait on or just below the surface of the water using a hook or a 1/8 ounce jighead.

So when do you use them? Most anglers prefer a swimbait when the water is stained. The live action of the lure gives good presentation and gets the attention of your target fish.

No matter what kind you choose or where or when you use them, just have fun with it. Part of the joy of fishing is experimenting with different lures.

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These Swimbait Basics Will Help You Get That Lunker's Attention