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Sweet Florida Duck Hunting Excursion Shot with GoPro [VIDEO]

A GoPro captured this Florida duck hunting adventure, giving viewers a chance to see all the elements of a successful hunt. 

This Florida duck hunting adventure video begins with a boat ride through the swamps to the hunter’s desired shooting spot.

Watch as he calls and waits for the flock to fly by at the right moment, then fires his shotgun into the darkening sky.

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The moral of this video? If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. This hunter certainly did just that as he unloaded several shots into the sky. It was the small flock at the end of the video that made him triumphant.

The slow motion replay offers a great view of the kill shot. Notice how one fowl couldn’t escape this hunter’s well-calculated shotgun burst.

The next time you’re duck hunting in Florida, bring along your GoPro and have that glorious kill shot live forever on the Internet.

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Sweet Florida Duck Hunting Excursion Shot with GoPro [VIDEO]