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Swedish Fisherman Caught a Pike with Something Surprising in Its Stomach

The Local

This large pike finally ate something that doesn’t agree with him. 

Pike are known for being eating machines, and most fishermen have heard a story or two about a pike that has eaten something strange.

There are videos on the internet of pike attacking everything from ducks, other pike, and even an attempted attack on a kitten. But if you think you’ve got a strange pike fishing story, a fisherman in Sweden has you beat. He found something even stranger in one’s stomach: a sausage complete with wrapper!

Liam Mårskon was fishing with some friends in Härjedalsfjällen back in July when they spotted a particularly large pike. Something seemed off about it though.

“We saw this really big pike but for some reason it just didn’t want to bite onto the hook,” Mårskon told They were puzzled the fish wasn’t as aggressive as most pike are.

According to the local, the fish abruptly disappeared only to re-appear a little later. This time they were able to get the pike to bite. After landing it, they decided to kill the 17-pound pike when they realized it appeared to be in pain.

They immediately noticed a strange cylindrical shape in the fish. Mårskon said one of his friends joked about there being a sausage in the fish. What happened next made the statement all the funnier. They cut the fish open and were shocked by what they found.

“I just couldn’t believe my eyes,” Mårskon told the Local. “Inside the pike was a half-eaten sausage still in the plastic wrapper.”

The fisherman said an expiration date of December 1 was still visible on the wrapper. They believed the sausage was a falukorv, a cooked sausage made of smoked pork or beef. The fisherman speculated the fish ingested the meat after someone threw it out.

“It smelled a bit bad as it had been inside a fish’s stomach so we threw it away,” Mårskon said. It’s uncertain how long the sausage had been in there, but the fishermen didn’t think it could be long based on the expiration date.

It’s the first time Mårskon and friends have found anything quite this unique while fishing the area. “I’ve been fishing there all my life and my family has been going there since the 1986 and never seen anything like it,” Mårskon said.

It’s safe to say Mårskon and his friends have a one-of-a-kind fish story they’ll be telling for ages!

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Swedish Fisherman Caught a Pike with Something Surprising in Its Stomach