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Swedish Moose Hunter Saves His Dog from Drowning in Frigid Water

26-year-old hunter Jonas Lundh was hunting moose in the Swedish woods when he lost his dog. Where the dog showed up on the GPS was not good. 

Jonas Lundh and his elk hound Rocky were out on a moose hunt in Költräsk Lake, Sweden. Lundh and Rocky have chased moose before; Rocky helps track down the large animals.

On this particular hunt, Rocky was after a moose and followed it over the frozen lake. Lundh lost sight of Rocky and was following him on his GPS tracker.

The moose made it across to the island in the middle of the lake but Rocky was struggling. Lundh followed his GPS signal to the edge of the frozen lake.

That's when Lundh saw his beloved dog's head go under water.

Lundh said, "I heard Rocky make a strange bark, and I looked again at my GPS, and saw they were heading out into the water. That's when I knew I had to act really quickly. So I ran closer to the water, looked around me, and I saw the moose and dog out in the water. The moose was moving and after a while it was up on the island there, the dog was stuck in the ice, that was when I panicked."

He immediately dove in the water, breaking up the ice, and swam frantically out to save his best friend.

Lundh was freezing and tried to focus on breathing as he swam out to grab his dog. He finally made it to the island, breaking up more ice near the shore. He dragged Rocky onto shore.

That's when Lundh started to scream for help, knowing his father was nearby. It took about half an hour for his father to find him and Rocky freezing on the island.

But they made it.

 I knew we were both going to survive, so I could keep my friend for a few more years.

Watch Lundh and Rocky's entire harrowing story here.



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Swedish Moose Hunter Saves His Dog from Drowning in Frigid Water