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Swedish Elkhound Attacked by Wolves While Wearing Camera [VIDEO]

A hunting dog in Sweden survived an attack by two wolves deep in the woods with the help of a protective vest that also had a camera filming the whole thing. 

A Swedish elkhound named Klara was out hunting for moose with her owner Tommy Berglund near Sunne, Sweden.

While running through the woods, Klara the elkhound encounters a wolf. The exchange is curious to begin with and then a second wolf blindsides the dog. The wolves then begin to attack Klara, taking turns lunging at the hound.

The Swedish hunting website Svensk Jakt has since released the footage of the GoPro Klara was wearing on her protective vest.

This is real footage and may make viewers uncomfortable.

Tommy Berglund eventually found his hound, even though Klara’s tracking beacon was not responding.

Berglund carried Klara out of the woods and to the vet.

The elkhound suffered from multiple lacerations but was able to go home that same night.

It looks like she will survive, and is healing well, but Berglund is doubtful if he’ll ever take her out hunting again.

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Swedish Elkhound Attacked by Wolves While Wearing Camera [VIDEO]