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Sweden Set to Temporarily Ban Wolf Hunting


Swedish courts have ordered a temporary ban on wolf hunting as the Supreme Administrative Court evaluates whether the hunt is in line with European directives.

The administrative court in Karlstad and Falun is examining whether or not hunting licenses conform to European directives and whether the decision to cull 46 wolves will be upheld.

The country’s Environmental Protection Agency says that the wolf population in Sweden is near or above 400 animals and is recommending a regulated hunt to keep the population in check.

With hunters on edge over complaints of wild game being decimated by wolves and conflicts with hunting dogs, the next season which is slated to begin January 2, 2016 becomes even more important.

The resulting ruling will now shorten the season, meant to end in mid-February, or be cancelled altogether.

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Torbjorn Lovbom, President of the Federation of Hunters said “We have the decisions of parliament, the government, the regions and the Environmental Protection Agency to say that we must have a wolf hunt. I really do not know what more you can ask for”

Recent wolf culls have shown the animals to be in good health causing hunters to argue that the population is more than viable for wolf hunting. As recently as the 1970s, wolves were all but extinct in Sweden, proving that they’ve had an amazing recovery.


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Sweden Set to Temporarily Ban Wolf Hunting