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Swan Dies in Bulgaria After Tourist Pulls It From a Lake for a Selfie

MINA Breaking News

The Bulgarian tourist went into the lake and pulled the swan to the shore.

MINA, an internet news agency reporting daily news in Macedonia, first shared the story of a woman tourist in Bulgaria trying to pose with a white swan for a photo. MINA states that witnesses claimed the, "swan itself didn't react to the Bulgarian woman's approach, as they are very peaceful and used to no one bothering them."

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MINA Breaking News

The woman made her way into Lake Ohrid, which is said to be one of the deepest and oldest lakes in Europe according to, grabbed ahold of the swan, and pulled it to shore.

After posing with the swan for a picture, witnesses told MINA that the swan laid motionless and was later discovered to have died.

We can assume the woman's intention was to pose for a picture and not to intentionally kill the swan, but it just goes to show the importance of using caution when dealing with nature in it's own habitat.

Vanity can make people go through great lengths to get the perfect photo, even if it means ignoring risks involved to themselves or those around them, including animals, nature, and property.


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Swan Dies in Bulgaria After Tourist Pulls It From a Lake for a Selfie