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S&W Introduces New Line of Performance Center Pistols [VIDEO]

If you like the S&W Performance Center Competition M&P Pistols, these will catch your eye.

I currently use an M&P9 Pro Series 9mm as my competition gun, and when I saw this video from SmithWessonCorp, I decided that I need a new Competition pistol.

These are the new Performance Center M&P’s that Smith and Wesson have just recently announced, and they look amazing.

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The best part about these? The slides are ported! From the factory! Yes, you read that right.

I’m predicting some big things out of these firearms. But if you need word from someone a little more qualified, here’s Jerry Miculek, Smith & Wesson Champion Shooter, commenting on them.

“The two biggest advantages of running a ported gun in competition involve reduced muzzle rise and less perceived recoil. When added to an already accurate platform, these features combined with the M&P’s low-bore axis, result in an enhanced competition gun that’s ready to hit the range. This combination of features is also going to help with shorter split times and more rounds on target, which are two things every competitor wants.”

I certainly want one of these. I can see the porting being a big advantage in competition for me.


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S&W Introduces New Line of Performance Center Pistols [VIDEO]