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S&W 629 44MAG: Drop It Like It’s Hot

The S&W 629 in 44Magnum drops threats with a mind-blowing 1200 foot pounds of energy!

Take down any big game that comes across your path. Sure, it’s a little big and yes, the revolver is definitely equipped with a 7.5-inch barrel. Think of the pressure buildup your going to get pushing out those 240 grain lumps of lead down range.

The 629 is a double action revolver. Naturally, being from the Performance Center your going to get an upgraded trigger kit, picatinny rail system for upgrading optics to your preference, and your going to get a serious muzzle brake to help control those gases.

Revolvers of this size are definitely perfect for the serious hunter. 44Magnum cartridges are definitely great for hunting game and can give you the perfect follow up shots should the unthinkable happen and you miss with your big bore rifle. Load six in the cylinder and your ready to get your hunt started.

I definitely did not personally see why revolvers were still a viable option for many gun enthusiasts, but I can say as a proud owner of one, I now have the fever to get another with a stronger cartridge than the 357Magnum. I definitely think the S&W 629 in 44Mag is going to be the perfect next level gun when I’m ready to make the leap. Stay safe, and keep training.



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S&W 629 44MAG: Drop It Like It’s Hot