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Survivor Firestarters Make It Impossible Not To Start a Fire

You can't go wrong with Survivor Firestarters. Here's why.

There are a lot of cool things to see in Las Vegas during the SHOT Show. Every year it's the place to get a look at all the new guns, gear and ammo the world has to offer.

That having been said, one of my favorite spots to check out is the Survivor Firestarters booth. Survivor doesn't have the biggest setup or that many products, but the nice lady in charge puts on a heck of a show.

All day long, over and over, she starts fires, proving again and again that Survivor's products can set just about anything ablaze. Wet, dry, solid, supposedly inert--the Survivor Firestarter can make it burn.

Every year I think they're going to make a mistake and burn the Sands Expo and Convention center to the ground. The irony, or course, is that it would probably be a great advertisement for the product.

The Survivor Firestarter is only about the size of a Magic Marker, with a blaze orange plastic grip to give the user something to hold onto and to make it easier to find if dropped.

Extending from the handle is a bar of magnesium with a striker bar on top. A striker is attached by a cord on one side. With these three items, so often proven by the booth lady, you can start a fire with just about any fodder under just about any conditions.

To add some utility to this life saving gadget, Survivor has built a compass and thermometer into the handle. This way you can see how much warmer things are with a fire, and hopefully find your way if lost.

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With one of the worst winters in recent history finally ebbing into the past, it might seem like too little, too late to hype a fire starter. Well, the great thing about fire starters is that they don't go bad just sitting in your pack.

Another thing to remember that fire starters are the kind of thing you normally only need when you never thought you would.

Winter might be over for the moment, but spring is on the way and plenty of folks get hypothermia in the spring mostly because they never thought they would so late in the season.

Very soon all sorts of hunters from Montana to Michigan will be heading out into the woods to stalk spring bear, and during the course of the season it's not uncommon for them to leave the house on a beautiful spring day and wind up in a blizzard.

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Say what you like about winter weather, at least you know it will be cold. In the spring, you never know what you'll get.

A prepared hunter should always have a fire starter, and the Survivor Firestarter is the one I would choose.


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Survivor Firestarters Make It Impossible Not To Start a Fire