'Survivor' Announced Its Seasons 46 Winner, And Fans Are Angry
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'Survivor' Announced Its Seasons 46 Winner, And Fans Are Angry

Survivor has just finished its 46th season, and as usual with these sort of things, there's a good amount of controversy. The show found its winner in Kenzie Petty. However, fans feel that Kenzie didn't deserve the big win.

Throughout the season, Maria seemed pose to win at the end. She attempted to win her fourth immunity challenge. It would have made her tied for the most immunity wins by a female in the survival competition show. However, she ultimately didn't secure that immunity thanks to intervention by both Kenzie and Liz.

It ended with Kenzie getting the immunity idol and Maria getting the boot. "I want to be you when I grow up," Kenzie said while casting her vote for Maria. "You literally would have wiped the floor with us." This was classic Survivor backstabbing at its finest. However, fans felt Kenzie's popularity secured her the win at the end. It came down to her, Ben, and Charlie. Kenzie secured five jury votes. Meanwhile, Charlie just got three votes, and poor Ben didn't get any votes.

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'Survivor' Fans Weigh In

Fans felt the jury were unfairly swayed by Kenzie's personality. One wrote, "Kenzie is getting a lot more credit for playing a good game than she deserves and Charlie is getting a lot less credit. He was by far the better player this season." Another wrote, "And once again the player who deserved to win didn't! Survivor has become basically a popularity contest and not based on actual gameplay. The whole premise of the show needs to return to the days of Boston Rob. I think this was my last season to watch!"

Yet another wrote, "This new era of Survivor doesn't credit gameplay They like to credit social game play! I miss old school play!!!"

However, not everyone agrees with this. Kenzie has supporters as well. One wrote, "Clearly not. Social game is 1/3 of the game. Yall seem to forget that. Love Charlie but he kinda blew it socially." Another wrote, "At the end of the day you win with the jury you're given. Kenzie probably had more social capital with them than Charlie did. Also tiff being such a vocal supporter helped."

Yet another person wrote, "I actually think Kenzie played a great game. She had to work her way up from the bottom. She was never with the power alliance but she did make her way in to a few power."