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How to Survive Yellowstone with Hank Patterson

If you need help avoiding animals and surviving Yellowstone, Hank Patterson has you covered. 

Hank Patterson has made quite the name for himself making funny fly fishing videos that are incredibly shareable and relatable to everyone who watches them. It appears, old Hank has grown a little tired of people getting themselves in trouble dealing with wild animals around our National Parks. With that in mind, here's his brand new PSA for surviving Yellowstone for your enjoyment.

Be careful with children around when you watch this video. The curse words are bleeped out, but you know what's going on.

So basically, if you see a wild animal, just stay the *$*&%* away! It's really that simple. Following this sage advice will allow you to not become one of the hundreds of thousands of people that die every year at Yellowstone!

All joke aside, Patterson pretty much hit the nail on the head in his usually comedic way. If people would just follow the rules and treat wild animals like they are wild, the world would be a much better place. Who knows? Maybe one day people will learn.

If not, we will at least have something to share and remind ourselves for the next time to just "stay the *$*&%* away!"


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How to Survive Yellowstone with Hank Patterson