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How to Survive a Wolf Attack

Your hunting, backpacking, or just out for a walk when suddenly, you are face to face with an apex predator. Here’s how to make it out alive.

As humans, we often think of ourselves as the top of the food chain. This can be true in most cases, especially when hunting.

What happens when you find out that you aren’t the undisputed champ? You find yourself surrounded by a pack of wolves, here’s how to make it out alive.

First the “Don’ts”

  1. DON’T RUN – This can make you look like prey and might trigger the hunting instinct in the wolf. If you run you’re asking to be attacked.
  2. Don’t stare down the wolf – This is the act of maintaining eye contact. This can be interrupted as a challenge to the wolf and you can be perceived as a threat.
  3. Don’t turn your back – It’s the same thing as running.
  4. Don’t fall or bend down too long – I know, easier said than done. This will make you look smaller and like an easier target. Obviously, this is bad.

Things to “Do”

  1. Back away slowly – Don’t run, don’t turn your back. Keep the wolf or wolves in front of you, not making eye contact.
  2. Shout and make noise – This will make you seem scarier. Hopefully this helps get the wolves away. Throw sticks and rocks at the wolf too.
  3. Stand tall – make yourself seem larger, put your arms above your head. Let the animal know that you aren’t an easy target and you won’t go down without a fight.
  4. Fight Back – If attacked, aim for the nose and face with whatever you can. Get a stick. Don’t let them get behind you.
  5. Find a defensible position – If you manage to scare off the wolf, climb a tree or find a tall object to climb on. Be alert! Where there is one there are normally more.


The likelihood of you being attacked by wolves are exponentially slim. They are fearful of humans and the wild wolves will shy away from humans.

All the same, things happen in the wild, and these tips may help you survive an attack.


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How to Survive a Wolf Attack