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Safety First: Survive Falling Through the Ice [VIDEO]

This guy falls through a hole in the ice not once or twice, but three times just to teach us how to survive.

Pike Pole Fishing Guide Service, in conjunction with the Edgerton, Wisconsin Fire and Rescue, made this incredible video not only explaining how to get yourself out of the water if you fall through the ice while ice fishing or snowmobiling. It also explains how to live through the initial cold water shock that is likely to kill you before hypothermia or drowning.

Do NOT try this at home. This is a very controlled condition.


Later commentary includes that if you are surrounded by thin ice, go back to the point you fell through.

The thin ice will continue to break, but only for a short time, and the same concept will work to get you to safety. Sometimes, no matter how thick the ice, extensive ice fractures can be wide and miles long, causing what feels like an earthquake underneath you.

Being prepared is the first step to hooking some incredible walleye versus becoming fish food!

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Safety First: Survive Falling Through the Ice [VIDEO]