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How to Survive an Emergency Situation [INFOGRAPHIC]

Image via Debbie's Pantry

You never know what life will throw at you, so it's best to be prepared for any emergency situation.

Whether it's a run-of-the-mill power outage or the zombie apocalypse, knowing how to survive in an emergency is important.

You don't have to fully commit to being a homesteading prepper right away. Just start with some basic skills and steps outlined below.

Emergency Food Supply

Food is probably something we most take for granted these days. We can just run to the store to grab some more when we run out, right? Wrong.

In an emergency, it really helps to have a solid pantry of canned or dried goods. This list gives you a rough idea of how much food it would take to feed a family of five for a year.

Hopefully your emergency won't last for an entire year, but you never know.


Top 10 Emergency Food Fails

Following the food supply question, here are some common fails people make when it comes to storing food or preparing for an emergency.


Emergency First Aid

You should already have a small first aid kit somewhere in your house. But in an emergency where help cannot arrive quickly, you may need a little more than Band-Aids.

Slowly work on adding these items to an emergency first aid kit. Pull the kit out from time to time to ensure supplies aren't expired.


General Disaster Kit

Along with a first aid kit and food, it helps to have these basic tools or supplies handy in an emergency.

Compile them all in a duffle bag or backpack and leave in your basement. Just don't lose track of it, or it won't help you!


We all hope to not experience a true emergency or disaster situation. But if it happens, at least you'll be ready for it.

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How to Survive an Emergency Situation [INFOGRAPHIC]