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Survival Tip: How to Succeed when Blowgun Hunting for Squirrels

blowgun hunting for squirrels

If you are looking for a fun and possibly life-saving skill, blowgun hunting for squirrels should be on your list.

There are many different ways to hunt for a meal. You can go from trapping, to firearms hunting, to more primitive weapons like a bow, slingshot, or even a blowgun. Having the ability to go blowgun hunting for squirrels is a great idea, not only because of how fun it is, but because in a survival situation it can easily save your life.

Check out what happens when the guys from Urban Hunterz go out for an afternoon of blowgun hunting for squirrels. It will give you a great idea of just what a hunt with a blowgun looks like and how much fun it can be.

One common misconception about hunting with blowguns is about losing darts. While it’s still no fun to lose darts, it’s not really that big of a deal. Unlike arrows, you can get darts for a blowgun for as cheap as around 10 cents each. At that price, it’s not really an issue if you lose a few here and there.

The next time you are bored and looking for a fun way to spend a few hours, go grab a blowgun and head out into the woods. You may even surprise yourself when you see how well you can manage to do.

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Survival Tip: How to Succeed when Blowgun Hunting for Squirrels