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Survival Tip: Making an Egyptian Water Well [VIDEO]

Watch this survival tip for making an Egyptian well using only a stick or small shovel. Using this technique could be the only option for filtering your water when no other method is available.

This Black Scout Survival video shows a great way to use the earth as a filter. Dig a small hole several feet from your dirty water source. Try and make hole deep enough to dip a small container in. Once the hole fills with water, simply wait for the solids to settle to the bottom.

You can make a straw out of a reed. If that doesn’t work, use a cloth to absorb water, then wring the water from the cloth into a container. Either way, if things get bad this is a good bit of information to have.

The name “Egyptian well” can be traced to Biblical times when the Nile turned red. It is said that these types of wells were used to clean that water.

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Survival Tip: Making an Egyptian Water Well [VIDEO]