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Survival Lifehack: Setting a Trap with Headphones [VIDEO]

Music may be the food of the soul, but it won’t help your stomach much if you’re lost in the woods.

Believe it or not, those headphones you listen to your favorite tunes with could catch you a meal in a desperate situation.

In this video from National Geographic, Brian Bushwood of the show “Hacking the System” shows how those earbuds in your pocket can be used to snare a game animal in a pinch. He walks through the parts of a snare and how to rig one, using some standard earbud cords as the leader line and noose.


It’s a clever trick, considering earbuds are more likely to be in someone’s pocket than rope or wire, and they’re surprisingly tough. Once an animal is snared in this headphone trap, it’s unlikely it’ll be able to work itself free. After all, think how difficult it is for you to untie the knots from your earbuds, and that’s with opposable thumbs.

Nowadays it’s hard to imagine a situation where you’d have earbuds but not a smartphone to call for help, but if you’re stuck in a place with no signal, your phone runs out of juice, or even if you’re still using an old school Walkman, those headphones could be a lifesaver.

With your earbuds out, you’ll also be free to listen to the music of the outdoors, especially the greatest song of all – the noise that means your dinner has been caught.

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Survival Lifehack: Setting a Trap with Headphones [VIDEO]