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Survival Lesson: How to Catch Squirrels Without Bait

In a survival situation small game catching skills might just save your life.

Utilizing wire, this simple but effective snare can give you some much needed squirrel protein.

Watch this video and see how to make an emergency squirrel snare.

We love heading into the wilderness, but what happens if we have an emergency and are stuck there for awhile?

Survival skills like these could save your life. This video shows you how to catch squirrels with nothing other than wire and a leaning pole. No bait is required. It utilizes the squirrel’s natural movements to make a catch.

Remember, this snare squirrel trapping knowledge is for survival use only, and may get you in trouble in your neck of the woods (if such snares are illegal).



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Survival Lesson: How to Catch Squirrels Without Bait