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Forget Wings, This Red Bull Torch Will Give You Fire Instead

If you ever find yourself in a pinch and need a torch that Red Bull can won't give you wings, but it will give you fire.

Survival Lilly is a survivalist from Austria. She has some great ideas on how to survive if ever forced to bug out of your current home and can show you how to quickly set up temporary shelter and how to get basic necessities like water.

Traveling all of the backwoods, you can see how she has a pretty sweet system of getting through the daily essentials and seems to be very at peace with accepting the challenges that the weather throws her way.

Her videos definitely seem very peaceful and relaxing to watch. Considering that I watch them in HD on a 70-inch TV screen, I totally get sucked into watching each video. Lilly also has an Amazon store so naturally if you see a tool that she's using that you think you need its likely on the site.

The idea to make a torch from a Red Bull can particularly caught my eye because I always have Red Bull cans (I'm addicted), near me or in my car (long commutes). The Red Bull can holds enough oil and is slender enough to be used as the fuel tank for the torch. I would have never thought of using a can as a torch, but it definitely will be the first thing I think of in case of an electric blackout or some other type of emergency lighting needs.


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Forget Wings, This Red Bull Torch Will Give You Fire Instead