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Survival Hack: 5 Ways to Open a Can in the Field


How can you open a can if a regular metal can opener isn’t available?

Maybe you’ve run into this situation before: you go camping and take some canned goods, but you left the can opener at home. Or maybe you’re in a survival situation and you have canned goods, but no easy way to open them.

This video shows five ways to get one open using non-conventional tools.

There you have it, five ways to quickly open a can in a pinch. Be sure to exercise some caution in using some of these methods. Note the jagged edges a few of them produce as you won’t want to get cut.

It’s always good to have this kind of knowledge in your back pocket no matter if it’s just a simple camping trip where you forget a conventional opener, or a real emergency situation where your life depends on it.


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Survival Hack: 5 Ways to Open a Can in the Field