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Survival Fire-Starting Hack Using a Battery and Some Gum [VIDEO]

Did you know you can use a battery and a chewing gum wrapper to start a survival fire?

As strange as it sounds, these two things can help you get a survival fire going if you find yourself stranded and in need. Many people will have these two items in your backpacking or hunting bag. All you need to do is shape the gum wrapper and then connect it to both ends of the wrapper and you have a nice fire to light your tinder with.

Check out the video below to see how to use a battery to make a survival fire.


I tested this theory out at home and did not get quite the blaze that comes up in the video. I used Wrigley’s Gum and an off-brand battery and got embers. There was enough heat to burn the wrapper in two pieces but not an open flame.

survival fire
Chris Buckner

Maybe the battery I used didn’t have enough juice, or the difference in brand of wrapper could cause this outdoor hack not to work.

Either way, I would test until you find a combination that works before relying on them in the woods.

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Survival Fire-Starting Hack Using a Battery and Some Gum [VIDEO]