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Survival Documentary, Charged, Backed by YETI

Further solidifying its status as a leader in the outdoor industry, YETI is backing its first feature-length survival documentary, Charged.

YETI is known for its fantastic commercials and tests on their premium coolers, but this time, they are going even further into the film industry with Charged, a new survival documentary that will be feature-length.

The film follows Eduardo Garcia, an accomplished chef and dedicated outdoorsman, who was sent down a long road to recovery following the traumatic event where he was shocked with 2400 volts of electricity while hiking the Montana backcountry in 2011. The freak accident sent him down a winding path of tragedy and survival as he fought for his life through a diagnosis of testicular cancer, also.

The teaser for the film can be seen here.

His recovery was documented in full by his caregiver and partner, Jennifer Jane. The film began as a Kickstarter campaign, which raised $165,099 in support of the project. YETI’s place in the survival documentary includes post-production support, finishing costs, photography, and distribution so that Garcia’s story can be internationally known as a tale of resilience.

More information on the film itself can be found here, and the film is set to debut in 2017. If you’re following YETI’s film-making proejcts, keep an eye out at the Telluride MountainFilm Festival from May 27-30 where they will showcase four short films, also.



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Survival Documentary, Charged, Backed by YETI