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Surveys Show How Americans Feel About GMO Salmon

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Technomics surveyed Americans to see how they felt about their seafood. What do the surveys tell us about the future of GMO salmon?

Surveyors asked 1,335 Americans who eat seafood at least once a month what type of seafood they ordered and found that salmon was ranked number one. This is probably due to the fish’s wide availability.

The number one reason consumers said they were eating less seafood was the cost. Genetically modified salmon will likely lower the cost of salmon by reducing the amount of food needed to raise the fish by 25% and the amount of time by 50%.

Survey participants were also asked the importance of their fish being certified, fresh/never frozen, sustainable, wild caught, local, and organic. Organic was rated the least important while certified, fresh, and sustainable were considered very important.

Many consumers will surely dismiss the fact the GMO salmon have been genetically modified in the same way they eat products made from GMO crops. However, the GMO label has gotten a bad wrap and some big chains including Target, Kroger, and Whole Foods have stated that they will not carry GMO salmon.

The future of GMO salmon is uncertain at the moment, but for me and my family, the fish we eat will be the ones we reel in ourselves.

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Surveys Show How Americans Feel About GMO Salmon