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You Won’t Believe What These Ice Fishermen Pull Through the Ice

We have all seen some incredible fish be pulled through the ice, but have you ever seen an ice fishing muskrat catch before?

There isn’t much information about the circumstances surrounding this video. It was posted to the Facebook page of D&L County Store which is located in Oakland, Maine.

However, we can see that a group of fisherman, including some excited kids, are doing some ice fishing. One of the kids is pulling in what everyone thinks is a fish, but they were in for a surprise once the creature on the other end of the line broke the surface.

That creature was a small muskrat who must have thought that whatever bait was on the line looked too tasty to pass up. The kids are understandably excited by their ice fishing muskrat catch and you can even hear one who thinks the muskrat was a beaver.

Those kids will definitely remember that ice fishing trip for a long time.

According to the comments section under the video, the muskrat was safely unhooked and released. This video just goes to show that you never quite know what you are going to reel in while ice fishing.

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You Won’t Believe What These Ice Fishermen Pull Through the Ice