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Surprise! Shark Spooks Spear Fishermen at Night


Spear fishing at night would be spooky enough without the unexpected appearance of a pretty big shark!

The ocean is a pretty intimidating place to be at any time of the day. That level of intimidation reaches a new level at night. The human imagination can conjure up some pretty frightening mental images of large predators looming in the gloom.

Pro surfer and spear fisherman Fisher Heverly of Wilmington, North Carolina recently had some of those images come to fruition while diving at night. A pretty big shark suddenly appears within range of the angler’s light and gives him a scare.

Heverly and several friends were spear fishing for sheepshead and flounder in the jetty of Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina when the encounter occurred.

“We’ve dove the pier and the sound at night, but this was the first time we were on the jetty,” he said according to GrindTV. “We went out in the late afternoon and brought lights for when the sun set. The fish seem to get more mellow in the evening.”

The anglers aren’t exactly sure what species of shark was caught on video during their fishing trip. Two good guesses would be that it was either a bull shark (which have been known to attack humans) or a common sandbar shark.

Heverly didn’t plan to stay in the water long enough to find out for sure.

“We all got out of the water, and from the rocks we shined our lights into the water and there we could see a bunch of sharks that seemed to be in a frenzy,” he added.


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Surprise! Shark Spooks Spear Fishermen at Night