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Surprise Humpback Whale Almost Takes Out Fishing Boat!

humpback whale

You got to keep your head on a swivel when there’s a humpback whale around! 

When most people go whale watching, they know what to expect. However, when people are fishing and just out looking for a good time, they sure aren’t expecting a Moby Dick like experience of a lifetime. That is exactly what took place to these guys while out on the ocean very recently. Just listen to their reactions as the humpback whale breaks the surface.

They handled it pretty well in our opinion!

*Caution, there is bad language in this video*

Unfortunately, this video was taken in the vertical position and not sideways, but my guess is that is the last thing on any of their minds when the whale broke the surface like it did.

I’ve been out fishing and watched a bear charge the water and swim across the lake to the other side. I’ve seen a deer do the same thing. However, never have I seen a whale blow up a school of fish only a few feet from my boat. That would be something to see.

Count these guys lucky. Not just because they survived. That was never even in question. Just the fact they got to experience something so many people never will is an adventure in itself.


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Surprise Humpback Whale Almost Takes Out Fishing Boat!