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It’s No Surprise Why They Call This Place Rabbit Island [VIDEO]

Welcome to Rabbit Island, a place where hundreds of rabbits run rampant in the streets.

Rabbit Island is really the Japanese island of Ōkunoshima, but earned the nickname for it’s massive infestation of hares.

There are a few theories as to where the rabbits came from. Apparently, the Japanese used the island during WWII to test chemical weapons. Legend has it that the military used the rabbits to test the weapons, and when the testing was over, they set them free on the island. Another theory is that Japanese school girls released rabbits into the wilds of the island during the 1970s.

Whatever the reason, there’s a heck of a whole lot of rabbits on this island. In this video, a girl walks down a street on Rabbit Island with some food and is quickly swarmed by hundreds of hungry hares. Looks like an Alfred Hitchcock movie waiting to happen.


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If there’s one thing we know about rabbits, it’s that they like to get busy and get busy fast. As one YouTube user commented, “Take that video four weeks from now…”

Here’s another video of Rabbit Island.

And just in case any Rabbit Island inhabitants get a little bored… they can always learn how to hunt rabbits.

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It’s No Surprise Why They Call This Place Rabbit Island [VIDEO]