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Ruin an Intruder’s Day with Glitter-Bomb Shotgun Slugs


Send an intruder running with a shower of glitter with some glitter-bomb shotgun slugs. 

If popping around a corner with a shotgun in hand isn’t a big enough surprise for the intruder in your house, up the ante with some glitter-filled rounds to really give them a surprise.

The popular YouTube channel Taofledermaus is known for creating some outrageous shotgun shell experiments. This time around they tried experimenting with adding capsules full of glitter into the shell and it is very sparkly to say the least.

That turned out way better than I thought it would. I thought it would just bust on impact and maybe throw some hear or there. It literally dusted the air with thousands of tiny, glittering flakes while still remaining accurate.

These would be fantastic for maybe a birthday party at the shooting range, or for popping off at your New Year’s Eve party when the clock strikes 12.

I have to say my daughter really liked the idea so for all you dads out there wanting to get your daughter to shoot, this may be the ticket. What little girl wouldn’t want to blast a target full of glitter?



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Ruin an Intruder’s Day with Glitter-Bomb Shotgun Slugs