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Surfers Shocked When Deer Runs into the Ocean Not Once, but Twice

deer swimming in the ocean in california

A deer in Southern California decides to cool off with an ocean swim. 

For many, September brings with it fond memories of deer hunting and big buck sightings. What most people don’t consider when thinking about deer in September is the ocean.

That’s precisely what happened on September 1, near Dana Point in Southern California. In the video below, a young deer can be seen frolicking in the ocean surf. The deer, who appears to struggle with the large waves, returns to dry land where it belongs with the help of a local surfer — however, the story doesn’t end there.

Soon after finding the beach, the deer decides to return to the ocean for another swim! This time, the Orange County Sheriff’s office was called in to help escort the deer back into the appropriate direction.

After encouragement from the two parties, the deer eventually decided he’d had enough of the water and headed back for the canyons of Southern California. According to the Orange County Sheriff Harbor Patrol, it’s not entirely uncommon for a deer to venture down to the beach in this area. This is the first time, however, the office has seen  a deer taking a prolonged swim.

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Surfers Shocked When Deer Runs into the Ocean Not Once, but Twice