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“Ninja Fish” Nearly Impales Surfer in Crazy Video

This surfer was lucky he wasn’t impaled by this flying ninja needlefish.

Surfing is a pretty intense sport, but adding ninja fish to the mix only maximizes the danger. In this video, surfer Mitch Parkinson was shredding a wave when a fish comes jumping through the barrel.

I don’t think the fish could have gotten much closer to the surfer. Check out this insane surfing footage almost getting stabbed by a “ninja fish.”

The surfing community mostly fears sharks, but apparently these fish are a serious threat to people who enjoy the water.

Ninja fish are also known as long Toms or needlefish. They have extremely sharp teeth and can penetrate skin easily. The beaks of the fish often break off into the victim causing painful trauma.

teeth of needle fish
Fly Hooker

Ninja fish can jump out of the water at speeds of approximately 37 miles per hour. Changes in life trigger the fish to jump at high speeds out of the water, frequently hitting people engaged in water sports.

In many shallow fishing areas in the Pacific region, these fish are actually more dangerous than a shark.

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“Ninja Fish” Nearly Impales Surfer in Crazy Video