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Surfcasting Pencil Poppers for Striped Bass [VIDEO]

Use pencil poppers to write your next surfcasting striped bass story.

John Skinner, author of "Striper Pursuit" reveals his favorite pencil popper baits that bring the big boys boiling to the surface.

In this video, he proves it by hooking up with a 36-pounder. Just watch that rod bend!

Think you need a boat and a bunch of expensive gear to get after stripers? Think again.

John shows us that a minimalist approach with a few, hand-selected baits can be deadly effective. After navigating the rocks at high tide he finally lands the fish, takes some measurements, then releases it back into the ocean in good shape.

Not all of us live near the ocean, but John's simple approach is a great reminder that big fish can be caught anywhere.

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Surfcasting Pencil Poppers for Striped Bass [VIDEO]