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'Surface Tension,' a Film by AFTCO on Biscayne Bonefish [VIDEO]

I have to admit that sometimes when I see a sportfishing show based in Florida, sometimes I'm envious of those anglers.

It's probably the sun, the blue sky, and the uber tans, but I sit on my couch here in Michigan (in the middle of winter) and think that they've got it easy.

But they don't.

This video on catching bonefish near Miami shows the effort in takes.


I know that fishing shows usually only present the results, the fish being reeled in. They don't show the hours of learning, the hours of waiting, or the number of casts with nary a nibble.

And it looks like bonefish are quite fun, and challenging, to catch. What angler doesn't feel a thrill seeing a pole bend, seeing line peel off a reel?

I'm sure I won't be so envious this summer. For now, I'm going to kick up the heat on my electric blanket and ignore my ice fishing gear for a bit.


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'Surface Tension,' a Film by AFTCO on Biscayne Bonefish [VIDEO]