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Not Sure What Rabies Does to Wildlife? Watch This Rabid Deer [VIDEO]

Rabies is a serious disease that impacts wildlife everywhere. See how it manifests in this rabid deer.

In this video, a young fawn is found in a driveway. Thinking it was hit by a car, the cameraman threw the fawn an apple, encouraging the deer to get up and run.

Once the fawn is on its feet, it becomes clear there is something wrong.

Watch the video to see footage of what a rabid deer looks like.

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The videographer called the police, who euthanize the rabid deer. Testing confirmed it was positive for rabies.

Although preventable, rabies is a highly fatal virus that impacts the central nervous system of mammals. Once it infects the brain, death is almost a certainty.

Rabies is transmitted from one animal to another via saliva, typically introduced from a bite. It is most often found in wildlife such as raccoon, skunks, bats and fox.

All animals infected with rabies go through a series of symptoms. These include violent movements, unnatural behaviors (like nocturnal animals out during the day), extreme sensitivity to stimuli and excessive saliva.

If you come in contact with an animal exhibiting these behaviors, call local wildlife authority.

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Not Sure What Rabies Does to Wildlife? Watch This Rabid Deer [VIDEO]