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Suppressors on Hunting Rifles Now Legal in Alabama

Alabama hunters can now use suppressors on their firearms.

Last week, the state Department of Conservation board decided to allow hunters to use noise suppressors to hunt game, according to

The new rules will go into effect just before the hunting seasons this fall.

Alabama joins more than 30 other US states to allow hunters to use noise suppressors.

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Advocates of the new law say that suppressors are beneficial to both hunters and household that live near hunting areas.

“When someone is hunting around an urban area, it will allow that to take place without bothering people nearby.” said Fred Harders, of the state Department of Conservation. “And it can help with damage to the ear, especially with young people.”

Suppressors don’t completely silence a gun’s blast, they only dampen it. A suppressor’s effectiveness varies by the type of firearm its used on and the ammunition being used.  Higher-velocity rounds still make a considerable amount of noise when fired through a suppressor.

If you’re an Alabama hunter who’d like to purchase a suppressor, it’s not as easy as buying most gun accessories

First, you’ll have to find a gun dealer with a NFA or Class III firearms license. Then, you have to take a law enforcement background check – which includes taking some fingerprints – and pay a $200 transfer tax, and also get the approval of the local sheriff where the suppressor is purchased.

If  you pass through all of that, then this Fall the blast from your rifles will be a little easier on your ears.

What do you think about suppressors? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Suppressors on Hunting Rifles Now Legal in Alabama