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Suppressed Predator Hunting: The Silent and Lethal Method [VIDEO]


Suppressed weapons take predator hunting to the next level.

Check out these top level predator hunters as they show how suppressed rifles can aid predator hunters in the quest of their prey.

The hunters set up on the northeast side of a ridge with the sun at their backs and the wind in their face. Their perfect setup and suppressed weapons reek havoc on unsuspecting coyotes.

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The suppressed .300 ACC Blackout and .22-250 made by LongRifles, Inc performed flawlessly on the two coyotes. The guns are quiet and deadly. It gives new meaning to the phrase go in quiet!

While hunting with a suppressor may not be for everyone, there are indeed advantages with using the technological pieces of equipment. And with many states moving towards legislation that would allow their use after they were previously illegal, their popularity may begin to rise.

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Suppressed Predator Hunting: The Silent and Lethal Method [VIDEO]