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Support the Second Amendment - Take the RIA Freedom Challenge

Take the RIA Freedom Challenge and support the Second Amendment. Rock Island Auction will match every dollar we donate to the NRA, up to $1 million dollars.

Defending the Second Amendment is vital right now. We've not seen the kind of attacks from the left on our rights like those that are currently occurring. That's why the RIA Freedom Challenge is such an opportune time to donate to the NRA's Institute for Legislative Action.

From the anti-gun rhetoric from the President of the United States and other of our elected servants, to leftist commentators in the media and misinformed individuals on social media, our right to keep and bear is at greater risk than ever.

That is why the Rock Island Auction Company (RIA) is willing to match, dollar for dollar, every donation made to the NRA's Institute of Legislative Action, up to a million dollars.

Ian from Forgotten Weapons generally avoids political commentary on his youtube channel, but the threats to our rights are too great and this challenge is too good to pass over. Give a listen as he makes a compelling argument for donating now.

We should cherish and value our freedoms, and no doubt everyone reading this does. Few of us take them for granted, as we know that they could be curtailed, and are being curtailed in places all over the country.

Here's Kevin Hogan, president of the Rock Island Auction Company, describing the Freedom Challenge and what you need to do to effectively double your donation with the help of RIA, and help make sure that the Second Amendment remains intact:

The NRA is a "legitimate grassroots organization", says Ian, that fights for our rights, our civil rights. They do so by making their presence felt, more so than any other organization in Washington. They represent us. Some folks may not like the NRA or all of their positions, but imagine where our right to keep and bear would be if they weren't the "gorilla" that they are.

Here is the RIA Freedom Challenge website, where you can go to donate. Every penny of your donation, and every penny of the matching RIA donation, will go directly to the NRA Institute for Legislative Action to fight the good fight at local and federal levels.

The loudest voices often get the most attention. We need to make our voice loud.

Share this with your friends. Challenge them to donate too. There's two million dollars waiting to be used on your behalf.

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Support the Second Amendment - Take the RIA Freedom Challenge