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Super Rare Megamouth Shark Caught in Japan

Only 60 megamouth sharks have even been seen in the history of documentation ever.

In 1976, megamouth sharks were first confirmed to exist. Since that time, there have been 60 or fewer reports of other sightings the world over. When sightings or captures do occur, these plankton eating sharks are usually caught in Japanese fishing nets. In this most recent sighting, that exact scenario played out and in expected fashion, it has caused quite a stir.

As it was reported, this megamouth shark was caught about five kilometres from Owase Port in Mie Prefecture, which is located in the south-central region of Japan.

Shockingly, a video has emerged showing this incredibly rare fish.

Rightfully so, Twitter blew up when pictures started to emerge. Something this rare is hard to keep under wraps. On an unfortunate note, that sticker on its head below is largely expected to be the documentation from the fishmonger that bought it.

Tracking Sharks

Since they have been discovered, it has been largely speculated that these rare and deepwater sharks may only live on the coast of Japan. It’s not known how many may exist but speculation is that numbers must be low since so few have ever been seen.

Hopefully, it’s another couple years or more before another gets caught up in a net.



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Super Rare Megamouth Shark Caught in Japan