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Super Hunting During a Supermoon? 3 Ways to Help You Do It Right

Have you heard of a supermoon? Think it will help your hunting chances?

A Supermoon is when the full moon, also known as a new moon, occurs when the Moon is closest to Earth in its orbit.

This year, a supermoon is going to take place smack dab in the middle of hunting season.

This phenomenon is going to happen Nov. 14. It will be up to 18% larger and 30% brighter than normal full moons.

Meteorologists say this supermoon will be the biggest and brightest in many years.

And experts say deer hunters can use this lunar event to their advantage. How? Here are some thoughts being dicussed.

1. Hunt Just Outside Bedding Areas

buck rubExperts say deer tend to feed all night during the brighter-than-normal Supermoon. That means in the morning, they’ll be heading toward their bedding area. That’s where hunters need to be to catch that buck getting ready to sleep off a meal.

Of course, that leads to tip No. 2.

2. Get to the Stand Early

Because the moon is larger and brighter, it will be more difficult for hunters to stealthily get to their stands. Experts say plan to get in place and get quiet earlier than normal.

That will likely allow the deer to move and settle down—instead of encountering hunters heading to blinds and stands.

deer communication

3. Hunt in the Middle of the Day

Some experts say that younger bucks don’t change their habits because of the larger, brighter Moon. However, mature bucks do. Those older, larger bucks won’t move at night, so hunters should be ready the day after the supermoon to bag a big buck at lunchtime.

Of course, if it’s cloudy, the supermoon probably won’t do much to affect the deer.


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Super Hunting During a Supermoon? 3 Ways to Help You Do It Right