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Super Funny Summer Camping Fails Compilation [VIDEO]

Are you ready for 90 seconds of laughs and a summer camping fail compilation? 

This compilation of summer camping fails is sure to have you laughing hysterically.

Check out this clip and see just what it means to be an unhappy camper.

From bear attacks to rope swing antics, this summer camping fail compilation had all the bases covered.

Looking at some of these people's errors will only show how you how well your camping trip was by comparison.

Not that there's anything wrong with the less-than-perfect camping trip of course; as you just saw, these moments are great to laugh about. After the fact of course.

Next time you head out to the woods, bring a camera and film Pop while he starts the fire or video tape your cousin when she tries to dive off the dock because you never want to miss out on a first-hand account of a summer camping fail.

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Super Funny Summer Camping Fails Compilation [VIDEO]