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Super-Fast Flats Boat is the Ultimate Redfish Machine [VIDEO]


In a boat with speed like this one, you’ll be the king of the redfish waters.

Nothing compares to speed when cruising the flats in search of the next redfish hotspot.

The boat in this video will make sure you don’t waste time that could be spent with a line in the water.

The person driving the boat shows what the Mercury Racing motor mounted on the SCB Stingray Sport can do, but understandably only really opens it up for a few seconds at a time. That kind of power should not be taken lightly, especially by novice boat pilots. Going fast is fun, but capsizing is not.

As long as the conditions are right (read: calm water), then a little speed can really add to the fun of a redfish outing. The breeze this kind of speed delivers would also feel pretty good on a particularly hot day on the redfish flats!

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Super-Fast Flats Boat is the Ultimate Redfish Machine [VIDEO]