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Super Clear Underwater Bass Spawning and Fishing Footage [VIDEO]


Learning how to properly fish the spawning season for bass can be one of the most productive bass fishing times of the year.

Both large and smallmouth bass prefer to spawn in spring right when the water begins to warm. They move close into the shallower waters by the banks and become very aggressive. This makes it one of the best times to seek bass out.

People spend a lot of time going after fish, but how often do you get to actually see their behavior under the water? Very few places offer water clear enough to place a camera on the bottom to film a bass’s reaction to various baits or running off predators from their nests.

Tyler from the YouTube channel TylersReelFishing caught some amazing footage in some very clear water of numerous bass during spawning season. He also offers various tips for how to best coax them into biting different lures thrown at them.

This video is a “reel” treat for any fisherman to see. You can learn more about how to best fish for a specific species by monitoring their behavior from videos like this than any amount of time spent in a boat just throwing random lures in the water hoping to get lucky.

If you are new to fishing, I highly recommend finding similar videos to these just to learn how a bass snaps up food, how to present baits or lures, and how fish behave at different times of the year.

I bass fish a lot and I even picked up a few new tidbits from watching this.

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Super Clear Underwater Bass Spawning and Fishing Footage [VIDEO]