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The Super Bowl Sunday Matchup You Didn’t Hear About: Man Vs. Wild Boar

Like Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos last Sunday, Louisiana hunter Chris Morris’s Super Bowl experience really, really sucked.

But it wasn’t a poor football performance that put a damper on Morris’s day. Rather, it was the wild boar attack that left massive gaping wounds in his legs.

It was a morning hunt like any other for hunter and Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office detective Chris Morris. The Times Picayune reported that he had set out before sunrise to hunt squirrels in the Pearl River Wildlife Management Area — a location he’s been hunting since he was six — near Slidell, Louisiana.

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Alone, using the thick undergrowth of the forest for cover and his .22 mag, Morris stalked a nearby squirrel. Focused on the squirrel, he approached for a kill shot, unaware that he’d just disrupted the resting ground of a 140-pound feral pig. The wild boar attack mode set it in, and the creature lunged for Morris.

“I turned and looked, and by the time I saw it, it was 6 feet away and closing,” Morris told the Times Picayune.

Morris quickly back-stepped and tried to get out of the raging boar’s path, but tripped on a sapling and fell on his back. As the boar rushed towards him, Morris tried to get his gun out so he could shoot the wild beast. But before he could swing the gun around, the wild boar attack had Morris pinned to the ground.

Morris tried to kick away the boar, but it gashed its tusks back and forth between his legs and tore open his knees and calf. Then, the worst part happened: the boar sank its teeth into his leg. With locked jaw, the boar clasped its sharp teeth deep into Morris’s flesh.

Luckily, he was able to get his gun out, and blasted a .22 mag round into the boar, which sent the beast running off into the forest. Morris got up to inspect his wounds from the wild boar attack and felt some slushing in his boot. At first glance the wound didn’t seem so bad, so with his adrenaline still pumping, he limped his way back to his vehicle and drove home. It wasn’t until he was took his boot off in the driveway when he realized how bad his wounds were. Morris had been walking with his own blood in his boots.

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During the car trip to the hospital, Morris blacked out a few times. At the hospital, doctors discovered the boar had torn open a muscle in Morris’s leg. By Monday afternoon he was in surgery.

He’s recovering from the wounds, but said the wild boar attack won’t stop him from getting back out into the Pearl River WMA where he’s been hunting since he was a child. He said that feral hog populations in the area have risen drastically since Hurricane Katrina.

A Growing Pest Problem

Feral hogs are a significant pest problem in Louisiana and several other states throughout the US. Each year they cause millions of dollars in damage to the livestock, agriculture and landscaping. When wild boar attack, they can be extremely dangerous as they have sharp tusks and teeth and can carry diseases, including brucellosis and pseudorabies.

Click through to see the slide show, but be prepared for some gruesome images.

Chris Morris snapped this photo after his encounter with a wild boar

The aftermath in the hospital

Calf wound

Knee wound

Chris Morris in recovery

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The Super Bowl Sunday Matchup You Didn’t Hear About: Man Vs. Wild Boar