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SUP in Whitewater? Yes, Please! [VIDEO]

Forget whitewater rafting, tackle the rapids on a surfboard by SUP in whitewater!

Stand-up paddleboarding, shortly known as SUP(ing), is the fastest growing outdoor activity when it comes to participation.

More and more people are taking on the new activity and even tackling SUP in whitewater.

Check it out.

Stand-up paddleboard instructor Jack Nelson from Erwin, Tennessee is part of the American Canoe Association and is a level three whitewater SUPing instructor at USA Raft.

He switched from kayaking to SUPing because with a stand-up paddleboard, you get all the fun like kayaking, but in less dangerous waters. A class II or III rapid on a kayak may get mundane and boring, but the same class rapid on a stand-up paddleboard is a whole new world.

SUPing is catching on around the United States very quickly, but we can’t say the same for SUP in whitewater…yet. Only about ten percent of the 1,000 SUP instructors certified by the American Canoe Association are certified for SUP in whitewater.

But this isn’t to say SUP in whitewater won’t catch on just as much as regular SUPing. It’s a new and innovative sport that will have people challenging the rapids in no time.

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SUP in Whitewater? Yes, Please! [VIDEO]