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Amphibia Sunglasses: A Key Component in Angling [VIDEO]

As a professional angler and guide, my eyes are probably the most important tool I have.

The market is full of sunglasses; some are very cheap and some are astronomically expensive, but they all serve a purpose. As a professional angler and guide, my eyes are probably the most important tool I have. They show me color, I can see a light jig bite, an oncoming storm, and even a small hazard in the water before it is too late.

Can you imagine blazing across the open water at 60 miles per hour blind? Me neither. This is why finding the right pair of optics is crucial, not only for protection from objects but from the damage UV rays can do to your eyes over extended periods of time.


My vision has been a burden on me since I was a young child. I started out wearing bifocals when I was in third grade and then was diagnosed with a stigmatism. My vision has always been far from perfect 20/20 as I have been on the 20/200 scale for most of my life. The last thing I want to do is get burnt with any other eye issues.

From my early years of buying cheap sunglasses (affordable for a kid) to my military days of being issued Wiley X optics for combat, I have worn them all. My preferred workout shades have always been the traditional Oakley’s and while I spent some time as an Islander in Maui I took on a pair of Maui Jims. These shades were both very good for the right setting, whether it be jogging on the boardwalk or just styling it up on the North shores of Paia. However, I found them all to be a little less-than-desirable when fishing.

A few years back I stumbled across Amphibia sunglasses.  Not only did these glasses float but they had a stylish look to them. After losing way too many pairs of shades into the depths of the drink, I was sold on the floating aspect of these alone. After a year on the water wearing these shades and still owning them today, scratch free, I was sold.

Amphibia has the first and only ANSI-rated (safety) floating eyewear and has won back-to-back best new product in the prestigious vision expo. These are not your ordinary sunglasses. These shades are designed for fishermen or anyone that puts time in on the water and will protect your eyes for the many years ahead of you. The anti-fog and scratch-free lens ensures you will spend less time squinting or cleaning your shades and more time fishing.

Amphibia has set its sights (pun intended) high and now has the largest pro-staff amongst optics on the Bass Masters Elite series and have become the go-to optics in the walleye world with current pro-staff members Mark Courts, myself and Jason Prezekurat bringing Amphibia to the Midwest market. This alone is a great testament on how well these glasses perform at the highest level of the sport.

If you are in the market for some good-looking and awesome sunglasses, Amphibia is here. Amphibia has not only protected my eyes from the elements but has saved me loads of money in having to purchase new shades several times a year. If you have yet to invest in a good pair of shades and continue to buy the $20 marginal kind, then now is the time to purchase the last pair you will ever have to buy and begin to see the world and water clearer through the lens of Amphibia.


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Amphibia Sunglasses: A Key Component in Angling [VIDEO]